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website design

If any of the following resonates with you, you need a new website or need to revamp the old website.

  1. Starting a new business or product line and do not have any web presence
  2. Embarrassed to give out business card
  3. Name no longer fits who we are and the business we are in
  4. Want to reposition and appeal to a new and more affluent or global market
  5. Need to communicate more clearly about who we are

We will work with you to create a unique look and feel for your website and add the wow factor for you. We design navigation and information architecture with your need and audience in mind. We incorporate web standards and the latest technology.

Our design is tested for cross-browser, cross-operating system compatability. We will perform usability testing with you.

Normal selection of functionality choosen are listed below but ask for custom built that suites your needs.

  1. Member / subscription based services like registration (login/signup pages), on-line courses, business directory
  2. Shopping cart for your products/ services
  3. Option to sell online tickets or display info on fundraising shows, photo gallary or books
  4. Online database registry or custom built application to manage items, schedule events
  5. Search options - complete website or by category

Website design is an iterative process. We will work with you till the end.

Keeping your website current with new content is important. We will host and maintain your website for you.

Marg consulting services is your strong partner in building your website.

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